The New Ferrari 458 Italia is now available to win!

Well with the 458 Italia, Pininfarina has redeemed itself, creating the best looking Ferrari for over a decade. Small, taught, lithe, yet stunningly beautiful, the 458 ups the game considerably, with 560bhp from its flat-plane V8, and a new 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. More »

The Aston Martin DB9 is now available to win!

There has been a shake-up within the Aston Martin range. Previously there was the DB9 with 470 bhp and the Virage with 490, which were very similar and similar prices. Well Aston had a rethink and has given us a new DB9 to replace both cars – though this is more than a re-badging exercise. More »

The Porsche 911 Carrera S is now available to win!

Evolution, not revolution - this is one of the key phrases that must be drummed into a Porsche designer’s head when they start work. From 993 through 996 and 997 variations the 911 has always been recognisable as a 911. More »

The Jaguar F-Type V6S is now available to win!

This has been a long time coming – almost 40 years in fact – a new small 2-seater Jaguar Convertible. Since E-Type production ended, Jaguar has tried their hand at the large 2+2 convertible market a couple of times with the XJS and XK convertibles, but they were grand tourers. More »

The Range Rover TDV6 Vogue SE is now available to win!

Its not very often that a new Range Rover is launched. In fact, in the 40+ years it has been in production, this latest model is only classed as the 4th Generation. So when they do you can expect a paradigm shift, and this new Range Rover doesnt disappoint! More »

The Mini Cooper S JCW Coupe is now available to win!

Back when the Mini was a tiny city car, there were quite a few variants to keep the buying public happy. The same can be said for the new Mini, and then some – there’s the Mini hatchback, the Convertible, the Clubman, the Countryman and now the Coupe. More »

The Audi R8 V10 Spyder is now available to win!

If you’d have told Average Joe 10 years ago that there would be a £115,000, 525bhp, V10 powered 4wd convertible supercar at the top of the Audi line-up, they would’ve had you committed to a mental asylum. More »

The Range Rover Sport TDV6 SE is now available to win!

The Range Rover Sport was a massive seller for Land Rover, despite the fact that it was heavy, thirsty and wasnt particularly sporty. But the new Sport certainly takes the name to heart – with Evoque-Max looks it has a sleek appearance while looking like its going to pounce and under the skin its around 420kg lighter than before, aiding agility. More »


Win A Supercar

How to Win a SuperCar

Win a car sweepstakesIf you have always dream’t of owning a Supercar but have never actually been able to afford one, then you will be excited to know there is now a way to win a Super Car with Botb where the odds are in your favour.

Isn’t it annoying watching game shows and giveaways that award lucky contestants with paradise-bound vacations or huge cash prizes?

A large portion of that frustration is due to the fact that it is not you on TV with that chance to turn your life around or that your just not that lucky.

Maybe part of you is envious or jealous or that you think it must be a hoax, that the smiling lady didn’t actually win anything of value. The world is full of competitions to win something. The lottery is the best known but you have better odds of being eaten by a shark.

Others include chain e-mails, surveys, irritating pop up advertisements, raffle tickets with no publicised winner or online Casinos that will make you bankrupt in a click of the mouse. All of them promise the earth, claiming to reward you with tempting offers and fantastic odds, but few rarely deliver.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, for once, there was a company that legitimately offered you the chance to enter an actual car sweepstakes with real worthwhile prizes to win a supercar, cash or luxury watch in a competition of skill and judgement?William Hindmarch & David Coulthard

Introducing Best of the Best (Botb)

Botb finally brings that intriguing offer to the table. Backed by over a decade of service the company has given out over £14million pounds ($20million dollars) of Supercar sweepstake prizes to more than 300 lucky winners throughout the World.

From Ferrari’s to Bentley’s, entrants have a very real chance of owning some of the most desirable wheels on the planet. It even has official backing of David Coulthard 13-time F1 Grand Prix Champion.

How to Win a Super Car in 3 Simple Steps

  • Step1. Choose your dream Supercar. There are over 170 Super cars on off from the latest Ferrari and Lamborghini to classics like the E-Type and AC Cobra.
  • Step2. Decide on the number of tickets to buy.Ticket prices start from as little a £2.50 ($4) to win a mini cooper and go up to £25 ($40) for a Mclaren MP4-12C. Botb offer multiple discounts for example if you were to buy 10 tickets you will get a 40% discount off the price.
  • Step3. Play Spot the Ball. The competition is based on a ‘Spot the Ball’ photo, taken right in the middle of an action packed moment on the field during a football/soccer game.The picture has been altered however, where the football has been removed from the shot. Based on the frozen actions of the players, one must use your skill and judgement to infer exactly where in the picture the ball should be.

Check Out The Video On How To Play

How Is The Game Judged?

After the competition closes a panel of judges then decide where they think the ball should be and if you’re closest, you win a car, cash or both!

Despite what most would assume, each individual’s guess is not compared to the coordinates revealing the centre of the actual ball in the unaltered photo.

Spot the ball judging commencesInstead, the winner is determined based on which guess was closest to the point in which the panel of judges agreed the ball should be in the altered photo.

This actually makes it easier to predict! I you play week after week you soon become familiar with the judges thinking and you should find it easier to guess where they will deem the ball to be.

Botb wanted to run a fun Supercar sweepstakes that promotes their company, supports sport, and fulfils the legal requirements of gaming law in the UK. If you are used to playing footbal games online then the rewards for this kind of competition are exceptional and you don’t want to miss it.

Merely entering in a raffle or a lottery is a boring alternative that comes down to luck and numbers instead of skill and experience. Plus, since Spot the Ball is an easy concept to understand, it can still be played by anyone that might otherwise find a contest and its rules off-putting.

Win a Car Competition

The company holds two Supercar Competitions each month, with a winner emerging from every one. There are no tricks, no scams and no fine print. When the clock runs out, the participant that guessed where the ball should be or came the closest to the judge’s decision most accurately, wins!

Even if you came close there are 15 runner up prizes of £200 ($300) and other cash back prizes against near misses.

Entering the Car Sweepstakes

How to choose your dream carJust like any other real sweepstakes event, entry is quick and easy. First, you browse the company’s selection of dream car choices.

This may take some time, considering there are over 170 types to choose from.

One of these options is actually a large cash prize, if perhaps you won your dream car last time (or you already have one!) and several choices involve choosing your car AND a cash prize.

Once you have confidently made your selection, move on to step two and play Spot the Ball. Next, you will have to quickly create an account (if you haven’t already).

This helps keep spammers and robots out of the frame, while allowing for a means of contact in case you are the winner!

When the Car Competition Ends

When each win a car sweepstakes draws to an end (the second the clock ticks to 0), entries are closed and judging can then commence. Professional experts in the football/soccer world come together to make up the panel of judges. With a lawyer present, the panel members must agree on and mark, in their combined professional opinions, exactly where the centre of the ball should be in the altered picture.

Your Dream Car Details

If you are the lucky winner you will get a phone call from the games founder and managing director William Hindmarch. You can then choose optional extras for your car. Best of the Best financially covers delivery of your Supercar anywhere in the world and plus the cost of its first years’ servicing and insurance. They will also supply your car in right or left hand drive free of charge.

Too Good to be True?

While the company has been accused of being too good to be true, public testimonials and newspaper reviews are available on their website as are the company’s Board of Director’s and financial adviser’s backgrounds and investor contact details (yes they are even listed on the London Stock Exchange).

free win a car competitionSo What Is The Catch?

The catch if there is one, is that you have to pay for a competition entry ticket! But even then, every so often, they run a free win a car or VIP event competition.

When considering the price and amount of real prizes they are distributing every month, from winning a Supercar to luxury watches, the entry fee is well worth it in exchange for your own controlled odds of winning!

It’s a must for any exotic car enthuiast and petrol head. So what are you waiting for? Go win a Super Car today!